World Meeting 2021: Land van Cuijk & Noord-Limburg

Join us for an awesome weekend!

Dear fellow Tablers and Tablers wifes,

Damn! That COVID-thing is a real bitch. Luckily, we are tablers and nothing will stand in our way to meet up and party! Because of friendship, commitment and alcohol. Now that everybody in Europe (and maybe also South-Africa?) is getting vaccinated, we feel that it is time to reschedule the World Meeting in The Netherlands.

We are very pleased to announce the world meeting for RT126 will take place 15-16-17 October 2021 in the Netherlands, Land van Cuijk this year.

During daytime we will discover the “Land of Cuijk” acting like angels, but when the sky darkens and the percentage of alcohol in our blood starts to rise the demon inside will get the better of us and you will join us on the awesome highway to hell!!

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uitnodiging Angels & Demons

We are men with plans!

Your arrival is planned on the 15th of October where we will gather on a central location in the Land of Cuijk for a nice meet and greet after which you will leave together with your home host.

Friday evening you will join us again for an awesome party themed “ANGELS & DEMONS”. You will drink a little too much and you will have fun, that’s obligated. Of course you will perform an amazing showcase of your countries talents to take the Oscar home!

Saturday morning (not to early) you will be woken up by your homehost who has prepared a nice breakfast for you with lots of coffee.

During daytime we will have some awesome activities prepared for you. As Dutch people we are masters of the sea, so we will have activities on land and on water.

Saturday afternoon you will have some relaxing time at your host’s home, where you can prepare for the RT126 Gala Dinner & Party. Where you will eat good food, again, probably a little too much. You will drink good wine, probably a little too much and you will have fun, which can never have too much off (and best of all, it’s all included!).

Sunday morning you will probably have to wake up yourself and go wake up your home host. He will then take you to a beautiful castle where we will have breakfast together, share some awesome memories of the past two days and then, reluctantly, say goodbye. But we will see each other again next year!

A World Meeting you can’t miss!

We hope to greet lots of Tablers and Tablers wives (or husbands, in The Netherlands we don’t judge) at the World Meeting in the Netherlands this year, please join us and subscribe.

We have had some amazing World Meetings in the past 6 years with amazing memories, so we want to return the favour by organising an amazing World Meeting that you simply cannot afford to miss!

Almost for free!

Early Bird (until 31-8-2021):               € 199,00

Normal fee:                                               € 249,00

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